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The De Brus Cenotaph in Guisborough

In a corner of St Nicholas Church is a medieval masterpiece a huge chunk of ornately carved Egglestone marble called the De Brus Cenotaph, later used as an altar in the church.
The great knights of England and Scotland are carved on either side.

One end's missing, but a drawing in an ancient book shows it depicting King Robert the Bruce, whose family lived at Skelton Castle.
The other end turned up at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield, which also has De Brus connections and fitted perfectly onto the monument.
The 15ft long by four feet monument is believed to have been made in 1520 and given to the Priory by Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland and sister of Henry VIII, as a gesture of reconciliation after years of war between England and Scotland.

There are coats of arms, bishops and many other carvings.

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