Parking Investigations

Highway Code brochure Parking on the highway can cause problems for other motorists and needs to be controlled in the interests of road safety. The main purpose of a road is to give access (to other roads and to properties): it is not to provide parking. Motorists should follow the advice given in the Highway Code and ensure that they park responsibly at all times. Inconsiderate parking has the potential to obstruct the highway and cause disruption for bus services and delivery vehicles. Inconsiderate parking at school start and finishing times endangers children and othjer road users and causes access problems for residents living near by.

Parking too close to a junction can cause danger because it restricts visibility for other drivers. Parking partly on footpaths endangers pedestrians, particularly people in wheelchairs or parents with prams, who are then forced to use the road to get past the vehicle. It can also cause damage to footways and grass verges.

Yellow lines
It may be necessary to introduce yellow lines in locations where parked cars are considered to be causing a problem on the highway. When concerns are raised an investigation into the reasons for the parking problem is carried out and possible solutions are examined. If waiting restrictions are required a traffic regulation order has to be processed which can be a lengthy procedure. Once a scheme for waiting restrictions has been proposed, there are three main stages to the process.

a) Consultation The police and other emergency services, bus operators and ward members will be informed of the proposals and any comments or suggested amendments to the scheme will be assessed. Residents will also be consulted where restrictions may be necessary outside their properties.

b) Advertisement The traffic regulation order is then advertised in the press and on notices posted on site. Full details of the proposals including the councils reasons for making the order can be viewed at the Town Hall. A period of 21 days is allowed to give the opportunity for any written objections to be registered regarding the scheme. The grounds of any unresolved objections are then considered under delegated powers to senior officers of the council in conjunction with the relevant Cabinet Member. A decision is made on whether to proceed with the scheme as advertised, or to make any modifications.

c) Sealing the Order If the order is to proceed then notices stating that the council has made the order and its commencement date are advertised. The necessary signing and lining work is then carried out so that the waiting restrictions can be enforced by the parking attendants.

Parking Investigations
If you have any concerns about a parking problem and would like an investigation to be carried out then please contact the contact centre on 01642 774774. Please provide as much information regarding times and days of the week that the problem occurs and how this is affecting you. We will acknowledge receipt of your concern and will let you know whether yellow lines can be considered or whether any other measures can be taken to solve the problem.

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