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Download Redcar & Cleveland's Biodiversity Action Plan 2018 - 2023 by clicking on the link below.
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Last modified: 05/06/2018 8:03:30

The term Biodiversity refers to the variety of animal and plant life.

Redcar & Cleveland is comprised of both urban and rural areas. It is privileged to contain woodland and open countryside, along with heathland, coastal areas and wetlands. We provide a summary of the assets and importance of such habitats, along with links to more detailed descriptions and information on where to find them.

As more of our countryside comes under pressure from housing demands and intensive farming, it is vital that areas of biodiversity importance are managed with care so that the maximum numbers and variety of wildlife are supported therein. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and its partners aim to achieve the optimum conditions in such areas, so that our rich natural heritage is protected and enhanced for generations to come.

There are many sites within built up areas with good potential for biodiversity conservation, too. Urban and suburban gardens, allotments, churchyards and parks are invaluable for species like frogs, hedgehogs, birds and insects. They also contain a wealth of trees.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council works in partnership with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust and a number of other organisations to achieve its aims in the sphere of biodiversity conservation. Principal in this is the Tees Valley Biodiversity Action Plan, which sets out the target species and habitats that will receive special attention within the region.


To learn more about the range of topics covered, try the following links.

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Last modified: 05/06/2018 08:03:30

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