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Our Home to School Travel Policy is key to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Councils aim of promoting social inclusion and parental choice by removing potential barriers to learning.

If you live in Redcar and Cleveland we can provide assistance with home to school travel if your child is of statutory school age and meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • The pupil's home is more than three miles from the nearest suitable secondary school (11-16 years). The Council will determine what is considered to be a suitable school.
  • The pupil's home is more than two miles from the nearest suitable primary school (4-11 years). The Council will determine what is considered to be a suitable school.
  • A pupil in Year 10 or 11 moves to an address still within Redcar and Cleveland more than three miles away from their current school subject to a maximum limit of 15 miles.
  • A pupil has temporary or long term ill-health or disability that prevents them from walking to school
  • A pupil is living in temporary emergency accommodation
  • A pupil is unable to walk in safety to school due to the nature of the walking route
  • A pupil is in care and meets one or more of the above criteria
  • Pupils with disabled parent/s: Where disabled parents have to accompany their children along a walking route for it to be considered safe, and where the parents disability prevented them from doing so, in such circumstances, the Council may consider providing free home to school travel for the children of disabled parents. In the case of two parent families, both parents would need to be disabled to be considered.
Low Income eligibility: If you receive the maximum level of Working Tax Credit or if your child is entitled to free school meals, you can apply for help with transport to one of their three nearest appropriate secondary schools between two to six miles from the school to your home address. If your child goes to a secondary faith school, the distance between their home and the school must be between two and 15 miles.

To be eligible you must give us proof that you are on the maximum level of Working Tax Credit. If you are in receipt of free school meals you dont need to send in evidence (we can check this out for you).

More detailed information on the above criteria can be found in Redcar and Cleveland's Home to School travel policy below
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Definition of nearest suitable school

References to the nearest suitable school are to be taken to mean the nearest qualifying school with places available that provides education appropriate to the age, ability and aptitude of the child, and any special educational needs that the child may have. The nearest qualifying school for a child with special educational needs may well be different than for other children. When considering eligibility for transport, for a school to be considered suitable it must have places available.

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Contact us if you would like to arrange for your child to access Home to School travel , or would like more information:

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